Class Timetables

Mixed Boxer Fit – Intensive boxing class focusing on boxing skill, boxing specific cardio drills, strength and conditioning. No matter what level you’re at you’ll get a solid workout and burn plenty of calories. Our boxing and fitness centre is fully equiped with bags, speedballs, floor to ceiling balls, and plenty of punishing cross training devices. Every class is different and we’ll coach you round by round. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Punchacise Females Only – Women only boxing for fitness workout, professionally accredited by Thump Boxing and designed to get results. Suitable for beginner to advanced participants of all ages and abilities. This proven boxing fitness system will define the shape of your body like no other training. Instructors are fully qualified and highly experienced. No previous training necessary.

Fit ‘n’ Firm – Females Only fitness boxing class 45 min of intensity crammed into a 30 min class, High Action, minimal to no pad work, just fitness, strength and boxing bag rounds. Designed to give you a full body workout great for toning up. losing weight and getting stronger.

Frankie’s Boot Camp – Test your strength, will power, ability and take yourself to the next level, using a combination of boxing body weight exercises, power ropes, tyres and various crossfit devices to get you a maximum workout in 1hour.