Class Timetables

On the Pads – class focusing on boxing fitness using boxing specific cardio drills with a heavy focus on the pads, and various strength and conditioning exercises. No matter what level you’re at you’ll get a solid workout and burn plenty of calories. Every class is different and we’ll coach you round by round. Suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

On the Bags – No pads in this class but expect higher intensity bag work.  A strength & conditioning circuit may also be included throughout this session. All our classes vary from week to week and depending on coach. Suitable for all levels of experience, ages, and fitness levels.

BOXING 101 – In this class, you will learn the bread, the butter, the A’s, the B’s and the C’s of the sweet science… Expect to take part in a myriad of fundamental drills designed to develop your boxing skillset… Expect to take part in bag work, partner work and footwork drills… Expect sometimes for your brain to start smoking from processing the details and expect and sometimes for your body to hurt from good, hard workout.