About Knockout Fitness and Boxing

Boxing Fitness Classes, Amateur Training & Ladies Boxing

Knockout Fitness and Boxing is a specialised boxing studio located in Forest Hill, Victoria. We only employ qualified personal trainers who teach a wide range of boxing and fitness classes, as well as one-on-one training:

  • Personal Training for Boxing 
  • Mixed Group Boxing Classes (for men and women)
  • Women’s Only Boxing Classes

Why choose Knockout for your boxing training?

  • Our boxing studio is a clean and modern facility fully equipped with the highest quality gear. We run a professional boxing centre including friendly, ego-free customer service.
  • The thing that makes us stand out from the pack is that you’ll learn how to box with proper technique in a safe and non-threatening environment.
  • We don’t have any aggressive or ‘macho’ vibe going on at our centre – it’s a professional business and we understand that not everyone wants to get in the ring!
  • Online booking facility makes booking into classes fast and easy!

We work with your skill level – beginner or advanced.

You’ll feel comfortable and confident that you’ll learn the skills for boxing without the risk of having to do any contact training if you don’t want to. We work with your skill and comfort level and we’re proud to say that we have turned boxing training into something that anyone can do! But if you want to take your boxing training further and hop in the ring then we’ll help you with that too.

Female-friendly boxing training.

We’ve created our timetable in such a way that during ladies boxing classes there is a very minimal male presence at the gym. This means that there’s a time when the amateur fighters train and then there’s a different time when the ladies train for boxing fitness in a safe and non-threatening environment.

Every session is different!

We have hundreds of drills and combination routines that keep your training interesting so you definitely won’t get bored with the workout. We integrate boxing combinations with resistance and cardio exercises in a way that push you to get the results you want. Our round-by-round routines target the whole body, kick-start your metabolism, and skill you up in the art of boxing at the same time.

Boxing training that is interactive and engaging.

Our personal training involves doing a lot of pad work with a highly skilled and experienced pad holder (there is a massive difference between hitting pads with a regular personal trainer compared to working pads with us!).

We know exactly how to replicate a boxing match with pads safely, so that you’ll feel the experience without getting hit. We also know how to train your body for combat sport with resistance exercises and training tools that focus on power, explosiveness, endurance, and sport-specific conditioning.

Capped class numbers give you personalised attention.

Class numbers are capped to guarantee quality of training and to avoid over-crowding. This ensures that we pay close attention to all class participants, have time to answer questions and help everyone individually. We don’t cram people in like sardines like some gyms do! Our priority is to always deliver a top-notch quality over quantity.

About our trainers:
• Peter Lantouris
• Jeannie Davidson
• James Foster
• Kate Morsello